Mount. Two visible audible alarm boxes are better than one.

If any of your cards were stolen in the burglary, unauthorized charges can lead to clues that could help identify the burglar.


(Instagram) Just two days following the burglary, Springettsbury. Wear coveralls and carry a rake so it appears he’s part of a local lawn service. While you probably sleep with your phone next to you, you may never have thought of bringing your car keys to bed.

The burglar may try to sell the stolen property at pawn shops in the area.

Alternatively, lean a chair under the door knob so it’s hard to push open the door. . .

Many burglars will stick flyers or stickers on homes that they think are unoccupied to serve as an indicator for their accomplices that the home is unguarded. RT @kwesitumtum: Wanted.


No arrest is a great arrest until documented in a great report.

A thief who’s planning to break in might unscrew the bulbs around your house so they don. and 10 p.

3. Thieves look for homes that they want to target in a certain place and at a specific time.

You, trying to be kind, let them inside to use the restroom or the phone.
Install outdoor lighting so would-be burglars feel exposed.

Consider an accredited burglar alarm system with audible alarm boxes mounted high at the front and rear of your home.

Other security improvements should follow, keeping in mind that your goal is to make it difficult for burglars by forcing them to take more time and to make more noise!.

23 May 2023 19:17:17. Note force used to enter a property or vehicle. Basic Security Improvements.

The burglar may try to sell the stolen property at pawn shops in the area. . 7 hours ago · The new Walsall boss revealed how he is working closely with the club’s board, and Trivela Group’s vice-president of global football, Matt Jordan, to identify “quality new signings”, as he. . In these cases, it is wise to remove any.

Call local pawn shops.

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Basic Security Improvements.

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With online services such as Google Street View, burglars can identify vulnerable areas of a home from miles away.

Investigators should examine a burglar’s typology and location selection, examine their method of entry and targeted items, determine the burglar’s amount of pre.