05 Bar MAP Sensor Connector $18.

Includes 3-pin Deutsch DTM connector.

The main setting is under Tools -> Calibrate MAP / Baro. .



If you see -29. 367 3. With the 3bar sensor calibration, the Tmap sensor is reading 85kpa at ambient.


Increase the vacuum on the sensor using the vacuum pump. com!. 774 2.

2 Bar: 886, 012, 539, 609, 701. Aug 17, 2014 · The software nomenclature isn't what's important.

Power your MegaSquirt OFF and back on—this is required.

0 filter 10 frequency 0 The car fuel and ignition tables will need to be retuned for the engine to idle as they will still be based on the previous map sensor even though the map sensor calibration is correct.

Connect a hand vacuum pump and note the current voltage from the signal wire. Pressure changes are calculated on a.

For a 3 bar sensor, the values are. Calibrated the map sensor and then used again the link 4bar sensor type.


Well I have a new install and a first time using the Holley HP system. 08 max voltage 4. 5 bar or 22.

. Compatible with standard keying of GM's 3-Bar Map Sensor. . 00. . 2 bar or 2.

Feb 28, 2019 · Make sure you have set the the sensor type to GM 3 bar.

Color coding when used with our 3 bar MAP sensor is as follows: Black - Sensor Ground Green - Signal. 2/2.


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Well I have a new install and a first time using the Holley HP system.

Mechanical connection via 3/16″ hose connector nipple.

914, press enter.